Here’s what the Galaxy Note 7 will look like in black


Almost every day we’re hearing new details about what the Galaxy Note 7. But now, we’re getting a good, high-quality look at what the actual device will look like in a color allegedly called “Black Onyx.”

What you’re seeing in this photo is a high-quality picture of almost everything we’ve heard leaked in the past. At the top, you see the Galaxy Note 7’s array of sensors as well as the standard front-facing camera. One of those sensors will allegedly be able to scan your iris.

As for the screen, you’re seeing a dual-curved display (think Galaxy S7 Edge). This is neat, but also slightly frustrating for some. It’s nice for those that like the whole idea behind the “Edge” display, but frustrating for others that aren’t a fan of it. Rumor has it is that Samsung isn’t planning on offering a device with the traditional flat display alongside this dual-edged version. On the other hand, a flat version of the device did recently leak, but we’re not sure about the credibility.

At the bottom of the device you have your standard home button, but much like recent Samsung flagships have, this home button will feature a fingerprint scanner.

We’re getting very close to Samsung taking the wraps off of the device, as the company has an Unpacked event scheduled for August 2 where all will be revealed.

source: TechDroider
via: PocketNow

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