Android distribution numbers for July are here


Google has released the Android distribution numbers for July, and they actually aren’t a whole lot better than last months figures. Marshmallow was able to gain a bit more traction in the past month, but most certainly not by much.

The numbers report that Marshmallow has now been able to climb up to 13.3% of the Android ecosystem, up from 10.1% in last months figures. It’s not a substantial increase, and as you can see from the chart above, both KitKat and Lollipop still rule the majority of the ecosystem, with KitKat accounting for 30.1% of devices. Lollipop sits at 35.1 percent, but is split between two different versions–version 5.0 and 5.1.

We’ll no doubt continue to see a small increase in Marshmallow over the coming months, but probably not a whole lot more. After all, Nougat is on its way and should be launching alongside a couple of new Nexus devices later this year. A rollout for all Nexus devices will follow, probably dropping how many devices are on Marshmallow quite substantially.

Additionally, we’ll probably see many of the big flagship handsets running Nougat instead of Marshmallow. That said, it’s hard to believe Marshmallow will eventually account for a substantial amount of the ecosystem. And with Google planning on releasing a new version on a yearly basis, that may just be the case for all Android versions going forward.

source: Android Developers

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  • Richard Dennis

    I would love to see where the Pre-N numbers are right now.. And if the beta test is going to jump start this version of Android.