YouTube’s TV streaming service might have ESPN, ABC, and CBS on board


Rumors about a TV service through YouTube have been floating around the internet for months, but so far nothing concrete has happened on Google’s end. That might change soon, according to a new leak that suggests Google has some major partners on board with the service.

If the rumor pans out, YouTube’s paid TV offering will go live within the next few months, and the basic tier will include ABC, CBS, and ESPN. Those are three huge players in live television, so if they’ve locked in a deal with Google, it’s pretty clear that Google is taking this very seriously.

Google is also reportedly in talks with some other big names, including the likes of Fox and Viacom, which should round out channels on a higher tier very nicely. There is also mention of some YouTube specific channels, so if traditional cable networks aren’t really your thing, Google is trying to create something for you, too.

With all of this being said, Google isn’t the first to step into internet television bundling. Dish Network’s own Sling TV has been making waves for a while now, and Sony has finally brought PlayStation Vue to Android and tons of other platforms. Plus, a certain fruity competitor has been rumored to get into the market, too, although there’s nothing concrete from that camp, either.

If Google wants to succeed here, they’re either going to need to be able to offer some incredible value to undercut the other services that typically only cost about $20 per month. If anyone has the clout to make it happen, though, it’s probably Google.

source: The Information

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  • Richard Dennis

    Man, if they get the big 4 networks streaming live cord cutting is gonna happen in waves.