Marshmallow finally reaches the U.S. Honor 5X


Owners of the Honor 5X in the United States were pleasantly surprised this morning to find out that a special software update is rolling out beginning today.

What’s in store? A boost to Android 6.0 Marshmallow along with EMUI 4.0.

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Until today, the Honor 5X was still running Android 5.1 Lollipop despite that version of Google’s mobile operating system being from 2014. Now, seven months after the phone launched at CES 2016, Honor is rolling out a software update with two important items. The software update moves the Honor 5X to the latest version of Android covered by the latest version of Huawei’s software overlay.


These are a few highlights for Marshmallow on the Honor 5X:

  • Now on Tap: Get assistance without having to leave your app. Google Now is always ready with suggestions.
  • Do More with Your Voice: From looking up information to playing a specific song, your voice has the power to do whatever it is you need with the Honor 5X.
  • Doze: When your device or open apps aren’t in use, Marshmallow automatically goes into a deep sleep state, increasing your standby battery life.
  • Advanced, Yet Simplified Volume Control Settings: Manage your notifications, music and alarm volumes quickly and easily. Simply toggle the up or down volume rocker wherever you are.
  • New Open Apps Menu: The new look and fell of the open apps menu allows you to scroll through all your open apps and make a selection, dismiss or (with EMUI 4.0) dismiss all at once!

These features, as you know by now, are all unlocked whenever a phone has Marshmallow on it.


Things you probably weren’t expecting in this software update come from EMUI 4.0, which does seem like a big raise for the in-house software from Huawei.

Now the Honor 5X has Motion Control, which is essentially the same as HTC’s Motion Gestures that have been used for the last few years. Motion Control gives you quicker ways to carry out different functions by touching the display while it’s off. For example, double-tapping the display wakes the phone. Other options include drawing an ‘M’ to launch the music app or flipping the phone over to mute all sound.

Here are more new features from EMUI 4.0:

  • Navigation Bar: Personalize your navigation experience by customizing the order of icons in your navigation bar. You also have the option to add a notification panel icon.
  • Drag Actions: With so much information on your phone, shortcuts are the key to help you get things done. Drag actions make it easy for you to view and hide the important things. Drag down on the left side to show notifications. When you drag top down on the right side, you’ll see your shortcuts.
  • One-Hand Mode: Alters the UI to make your device with a single hand much easier. Simply swipe left or right at the button of the screen to use the phone with your left or right hand only.

To update your Honor 5X to Marshmallow and EMUI 4.0, just head over the Settings app where there is a dedicated option for checking for software updates.

The Honor 5X is available now for $199 from Honor, Best Buy, Amazon, and Newegg.

Source: Honor

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