Incipio will purchase Skullcandy for $177 million


Accessory maker Incipio will soon purchase headphone manufacturer Skullcandy, padding out Incipio’s wide range of accessories that they offer for smartphones. Incipio has already purchased other case makers and has licensing deals with other popular brands, so this move will only help solidify their position in the market.

If you’re curious about the deal itself, Incipio is paying $5.75 per share for Skullcandy which comes out to around $177 million. That’s not Beats levels of cash, but it’s still some serious change.

And if you’re worried about where this puts Skullcandy, don’t fret too much. Incipio doesn’t plan on folding the brand into itself or doing away with it, so you’ll still be able to buy Skullcandy products with a Skullcandy name on them. The money will simply be going to Incipio.

Skullcandy has dabbled in cases before, so there’s a chance we see some crossover products. However you slice it, it’s probably a good move for both companies, especially going into the holiday season where everyone is buying accessories for their newly launched smartphones.