‘Borderlands 2’ is coming to the NVIDIA SHIELD

borderlands 2

NVIDIA dropped a bomb at E3 2016 about the SHIELD Android TV set-top box, and we’re hoping it keeps up the trend of console-quality games coming to the device. Soon you’ll be able to play Gearbox’s massive Borderlands 2, right on your NVIDIA SHIELD, just like you can with a handful of other titles that have already been released on the platform.

Borderlands 2 is actually running on the SHIELD, not like the GeForce Now streaming service. So just like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Resident Evil 5, the game has been ported to Android and is available on the Play Store exclusively for SHIELD users.

NVIDIA expanded a bit on the announcement, also mentioning that Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel will be coming to the SHIELD Tablet, too. Telltale Games’ upcoming Batman game will be available, too, although that’s less surprising considering how often we’ve seen Telltale support NVIDIA’s offerings and even regular Android devices. Still, it’s good to have some confirmation.

It’s hard to imagine something like an Android TV set-top box being able to legitimately compete with an Xbox One or PS4, but with NVIDIA’s dedication to making the SHIELD TV an extremely well-rounded set-top box capable of streaming music and movies, playing games, and having access to tons of media apps and entertainment through Google Play, you can make a case that the SHIELD TV is just as good as a dedicated video game console for some people. Toss in NVIDIA’s GeForce streaming for anyone that’s already using a high-end gaming computer and you’ve got a broad market for potential buyers.

source: NVIDIA

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