The $199 Honor 5X will soon be available in 590 Best Buy stores

honor 5x best buy

The Honor 5X was an incredible deal when it launched, and it still offers a pretty compelling phone for just $199. One of the biggest problems it’s faced has been its lack of a physical presence in brick and mortar stores, so the only way someone could buy it was through online retailers.

For most phones, that’s not terrible, since it saves money on shipping and distribution. But for a phone that’s gotten as much traction as the 5X, it only makes sense to push into actual stores besides Amazon and Newegg, and that’s what Honor is doing thanks to a new partnership with Best Buy.

Today’s announcement means that 590 Best Buy stores will begin carrying the $199 Honor 5X by June 19th, with shipments beginning today. Not only does this mean that you can walk in a store and pick one up without having to wait for it to ship from an online store, but it also means you’ll be able to go in and see one in person before deciding on a purchase. That should also give Honor an edge for any potential buyers that come into a store looking for a phone without having a particular device in mind.

It’s hard to argue against the trend of cheaper “good enough” smartphones getting more and more popular, and moves like this only solidify the direction that the market is moving.

source: Honor

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