Amazon is taking on Spotify, Google with standalone music streaming service

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When it comes to online goods and services, there isn’t much that Amazon doesn’t do. They offer a large video streaming catalog, a digital video storefront, audiobooks and eBooks, and obviously a large selection of physical goods with two-day shipping through Amazon Prime. There are plenty of Amazon-branded services for you to buy into, and it looks like Amazon is going to expand that with an on-demand music streaming subscription, too.

The new service will function as a Spotify competitor, offering a huge catalog of music for $9.99 per month. That price falls right in line with most major music streaming options (Spotify, Google’s All-Access, and Apple Music all have $9.99 tiers) and Amazon is reportedly going to offer an enormous selection of music, which is always a key ingredient with these services. Amazon is currently finalizing deals with music labels to make this happen.

The music subscription service will also probably tie into Amazon Echo devices, since that seems to be a direction that Amazon really wants to push.

If you think you’re having a serious case of deja vu right now, don’t worry; Amazon does already offer a music streaming service that’s built into Amazon Prime. It seems odd for Amazon to double up on a service, especially one like music streaming, but the move makes sense for Amazon. With Amazon Prime, you pay $100 per year and get free two-day shipping, plus a ton of other things. Those other things, however, are samples of what you could be getting, and Amazon hopes those samples will get you to spend more money. Amazon’s video service, for example, has a ton of free movies and TV shows to watch, but they won’t have the newest episodes of your current favorite TV show. They do have a button that makes it incredibly easy for you to buy those episodes as they come out, however, and that’s the point.

The only question will be how Amazon handles both Prime Music and a new subscription service.

source: Reuters


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