NVIDIA SHIELD is getting Plex Media Server support in its next update


The NVIDIA SHIELD is probably the most capable Android TV device you can buy thanks to its powerful Tegra X1 processor and the optional 500GB model, and NVIDIA has done an excellent job of supporting the device post-launch with tons of new features and updates. The newest update that’s slated for the box is going to bring another very useful trick into the SHIELD’s toolbox and will allow you to turn the SHIELD into an optimized Plex Media Server.

Plex has already had an Android TV app up for a while, and the NVIDIA SHIELD crushes it thanks to its beefy specs. This update goes a step further and allows you to setup a full-blown server so you can sling content from the SHIELD’s 500 GB hard drive or any other storage right to all of your other devices. Considering that server process is usually reserved for dedicated PCs, that says quite a bit about the SHIELD’s processing muscle.

We’re not talking about a half-baked solution, either. The Plex team says the SHIELD can support all of the normal hardware decoding that you need, and it can handle multiple streams simultaneously. Since the SHIELD only costs $200 (or $300, if you really want that built-in 500 GB hard drive) that makes it one of the cheapest out-of-the-box Plex Media Server options you’ll be able to find. Plus, you still get all of the other great features that the SHIELD offers, particularly in regards to NVIDIA’s game streaming tech.

Plex and NVIDIA are finishing up the project soon, and it should roll out with the next firmware update by the end of the month.

Android TV might still be struggling to find its feet, but that hasn’t stopped NVIDIA from churning out one of the best boxes on the market.

source: Plex

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