Sprint’s Kyocera Echo Generates Screen Envy Amongst Android Users

If Android ever wanted to brag about multitasking, all of their phones should have come with two screens. Sprint’s new Kyocera Echo brags just that. Even as I write this article, I can’t help but look at my own phone in disgust. Just sitting there, shamefully, with its one screen. Its embarrassing. Now, a phone exists that actually meets the definition of a multitasker. You can compose an email on one screen while browsing the web on another. Or have your text on one screen while the other screen is fully devoted to a huge touchscreen keyboard. There is however one limitation that I’m aware of. Currently the phone doesn’t run the apps on the seperate screens simultaneously. Rather, it quickly alternates between the two apps. I’m not sure how, or even if that takes a toll on performance. I’m sure the guys at Kyocera have that all ironed out though. The Echo sports a 1Ghz snapdragon processor and Android 2.2 . Perhaps with all that screen real estate, the Echo would do well with a port from Android’s tablet OS honeycomb 3.0.

[Via engadget]