Google testing Material design for desktop search


One of the big news items that came out of Google I/O 2016 this year was the announcement that Chrome OS would support the running of Android applications. Android and Google fans have been watching for years to see whether the company would merge their operating systems into a single unified platform. Running Android apps on Chrome OS does not get the company there yet, but it is a step in that direction. Based on some items noticed by users, Google is working on another step by reformatting their main search page at to start incorporating Android’s Material design guidelines and concepts.

Users have noticed that Google search results are now being presented in a grid layout with a light background and the individual results in boxes with a slight drop shadow present. The use of drop shadows is part of the Material design standard and is used to help imply elevation. The new format effectively mimics cards that are used to present information in apps on Android devices.

Another change that Google is making is to move an information box that appears for some results from a right hand column position to being presented in-line with other search results. This creates a single-column layout for search results.


Users have also noticed some slight changes to the main search page at Google. There are some tweaks to the iconography for the magnifying glass used in the search box. Users have also noted that Google has swapped out the settings cog for three vertically aligned dots commonly used to bring up menus on Android devices.

Google, unsurprisingly, has not announced anything official regarding the possible redesign of their main site to use more Material inspired concepts. The changes also appear to be limited to a fairly small number of users for testing purposes.

Anyone out there spotted any of these changes or anything else different about the Google search page when viewed on their personal computer?

via: Engadget

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