Win a free Live Case for your Nexus by writing Google Maps reviews

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Google has kicked off a new contest that might help you win a free custom Live Case for your Nexus device, but only if you’re willing to write some reviews for places on Google Maps. If you’ve ever written up a review for somewhere you’ve been to on  Maps you’ll know what Google wants, but we’ll go into that a bit for you.

The process is fairly simple, although you’ll have to do some travelling to be eligible. Google has a Local Guide review portion of Google Maps where users can upload their own reviews of places for others to see, acting as a “local guide” for others. It’s a useful, although slightly underutilized, feature that Google apparently wants to push, so they’re running a contest to heat things up.

For the contest, the ten Local Guides who write the best reviews will receive a coupon for a free Live Case from Google’s online store. The reviews can be for anywhere in the world, but you do have to live in the United States to be eligible for the contest. That seems to be the kicker in all of Google’s promotions and contests, but it is what it is.

The contest runs from June 5th to June 29th, and Google will select winners on July 7th. If you’re interested, hit the link below to enter the contest for yourself.

source: Google

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