Moto Z and DROID to have ‘Style Mod’ replaceable covers, rumor says


The much-anticipated Moto Z and DROID are reported to have new accessory back plates called “Style Mod,” which will easily let owners of either smartphone switch out the colors of the back plate on the device.

This rumor comes not long after we heard that the Moto Z was likely to have some modular functionality through swappable back plates. Rumored to be called “MotoMod,” there’ll supposedly be a bunch of add-on modules for the smartphone, such as stereo speakers, a camera grip with flash and zoom, a rugged cover with a wide angle lens attachment, a battery pack, a pico projector, and a plain colored backplate.

At this point, we’re not quite sure if the “MotoMod” rumor is true or not, but the “Style Mod” certainly seems more feasible. A source named “Motclub” posted this rumor to the HelloMotoHK Google+ page, where there are a good amount of pictures of the stylish and removable back plates.


These covers seem to be purely cosmetic, too. The back plates seem to cover the entire rear of the device, much like a battery cover would, only without the battery. The most interesting part of the idea of “Style Mods” is that this could be a move away from Moto Maker. Instead of customizing your device to your liking online, you might instead get a standard looking Moto Z, and could change the back plates to your liking on a regular basis. It might be a more feasible way of handling customization, but then again, Moto Maker has been a pillar for Moto X and Moto G devices over the past couple of years. It’d seem odd to just give up on that.

This is, of course, just speculation. There’s been no official statements. All we have are these images from Motclub, and some slight indication that the Moto Z could feature some modular functionality like that of the LG G5. But once again, there’s been no official statements, so for now, take this all with a grain of salt.

We might not have to wait a whole lot longer though, as Lenovo is expected to take the wraps off the Moto Z this week on June 9.

source: HelloMotoHK (Google+)
via: Android Police

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