Google releases latest Spotlight Story titled ‘Pearl’


Timed to coincide with last week’s Google I/O 2016, Google released their latest Spotlight Story, Pearl,  to YouTube including full 360-degree viewing support. The short film was originally shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, but the release via YouTube makes it available for all to view.

Pearl follows a father and daughter as they travel around pursuing their dreams and sharing the music they make with others. The story is viewed entirely from within the cars they travel about in during their journeys.

If you view Pearl on your computer or using the YouTube app on an Android device, you can move the video around using the available controls. Even better though is to drop your smartphone in a Google Cardboard and enjoy it that way. Users with iOS devices can download and install a special Spotlight Story application that Google produced for viewing 360-degree videos.

Check out the Pearl video below. Pearl is the third release in the Google Spotlight Series following On Ice and Help.