‘The Angry Birds Movie’ tops box office over the weekend


The Angry Birds Movie propelled to the top of the North American box office over the weekend, even passing Disney’s critically acclaimed Captain America: Civil War. 

Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie ended up selling a whopping $39 million in tickets, as well as an additional $111 million overseas. The movie is based off of the hit mobile game series Angry Birds, which quickly became a pop-culture craze in 2009. And the crazy thing? The popularity for the series is still going.

Interestingly, most of the financial risk for the movie fell on Rovio’s lap, with Sony Pictures only acting as the distributor. As a result, the Finnish-based company will see most of the profits from the movie. The movie costed Rovio about $173 million to make and market the movie, and as a result, Sony will only be taking about 8% of ticket sales.

Even if Rovio only breaks even on the movie, the company is still in a very good position, as it’ll certainly increase the popularity of their mobile game and even potentially increase the volume of in-app purchases. There are many other benefits that Rovio will see as well, such as increased purchases of merchandise and so on.

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About the Author: Brad Ward

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