S Note moves into the Play Store, opens the door to non-Samsung devices


The note-taking app from Samsung has transitioned into a standalone app in the Play Store, and you won’t need a device from the Korean company to download and install it.

On Tuesday, Samsung’s S Note became available through Google Play for non-Samsung devices. The catch is that not all devices will be capable of using everything the app has to offer as the required S Pen is made by Samsung and exclusive for its own devices. In addition to welcoming outsiders, spinning off S Note allows the company to push out future updates with ease.

These are the features Samsung lists:

  • Freehand writing and drawing using S Pen or Finger, with various pre-defined pens and styles
  • Insert charts, sketches, pictures, voice notes and set custom background in notes
  • Supports up to 500 pages in a single note
  • Supports searching of text with different filters
  • Categorization of notes
  • Ability to print, expore and share note as spd/image/pdf/text file
  • Import and edit pdf files as notes
  • Sync notes between multiple devices using Samsung/Evernote account

Users of the fresh S Note app can also install an extension pack to add features; however, only owners of Galaxy Note phones and tablets get access to the Easy Chart and Idea Sketch features. The consolation prize for everyone else is the S Note widget.

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About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Incompatible with a Nexus 6.

  • bmlsayshi

    Do you have a list of the non-Samsung devices supported? None of the many devices I use are supported. I have a feeling someone was guessing at extra support.

  • OlayTerry

    It’s disappointing that it only supports 500 pages.