Sony’s latest audio equipment has Google Cast capabilities baked in

sony google cast receiver

Sony has announced their latest round of audio equipment, and everything is built to take advantage of a connected home experience. There’s a range of Bluetooth speakers, audio receivers, and Blu-Ray players, and everything is capable of receiving media from Google Cast right out of the box.

The most accessible new equipment would be Sony’s range of Bluetooth and WiFi speakers. There are two models, the SRS-ZR7 and the SRS-ZR5, with the former running $300 and the latter costing $200.

sony bluetooth speaker

The SRS-ZR7 features Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity along with NFC easy pairing. There’s an extra HDMI passthrough port, too, which is unique for a standalone speaker like this.

sony SRS ZR5

The ZR5 skips the HDMI port and picks up a smaller profile to shave off $100. It can pair with a second speaker for a true stereo effect.

Sony also announced the STR-DN1070 and the STR-DH770, both of which are high-end audio receivers. The DN1070 sports a better DAC for extreme audiophiles and comes with a $599 price tag to match. The DH770 is a little more basic at only $349, but still supports 7.2 surround sound, AirPlay, Google Cast, and a ton of other features.

sony google cast receiver 2

While there’s nothing really new about any of these devices, but it’s nice to see Sony adopt Google’s fantastic Cast protocol instead of building their own kind of streaming, which Sony is infamous for doing. The less proprietary stuff, the better. The price tag still screams classic Sony, though.

source: Sony

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