AT&T Still Doesn’t Like Sideloading: Will Not Be Possible on HTC Inspire

The above picture, captured by Android Central, confirms our suspicions: Much as with the Motorola Backflip and several of their other Android offerings, AT&T is not allowing the installing of non-market apps. As those of you with Android phones are probably aware, there is usually an option on the above screen that has the choice to “Allow installation of non-Market applications.” As you can see, this choice is not given on the HTC Inspire. Thankfully, there are other options available to those who are looking to sideload apps. We’re not surprised, but we’re sad to see that AT&T hasn’t reconsidered the limitations they’re putting on their users.

[via Android Central]

  • YourMaineDudw

    From what I recall they are … just not advertising it

  • curse

    They don’t care about users, they care about profits, too bad they, as many others, haven’t found out that happy users/customers = more profit

  • At least it doesn’t have a locked bootloader like the Atrix…