Cricket Wireless has a new $70 unlimited plan


Cricket has launched a new plan available starting today consisting of unlimited talk, text, and data.

Cricket has a new unlimited plan you may want to look into. For $70 per month, subscribers are able to make unlimited phone calls, send unlimited texts, and use unlimited 4G LTE data. If you use auto pay, it’ll cost you only $65 on a monthly basis. This plan is for one person only. Prices include both taxes and fees. The only downside of using the plan is that LTE download speeds are maxed out at 8Mbps and 4G speeds won’t exceed 4Mbps.

The deal gets even sweeter if you’re coming from T-Mobile. For a limited time, those switching from T-Mobile can get a $100 credit put towards their bill. This is what the company had to say about T-Mobile’s prices:

T-Mobile charges at least $25 more each month for its Simple Choice Unlimited Plan for one smartphone line on a smaller 4G LTE network. Very Uncool. Plus if you join the Cricket Nation now, we’ll give you a $100 bill credit when you switch from T-Mobile.

For more details on the Cricket Wireless unlimited plan, head to their website.

Source: Cricket Wireless

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