Roku’s new Streaming Stick has a more powerful processor and improved WiFi for $49



Roku has just announced its new streaming stick, which is still imaginatively called the Streaming Stick, has a more powerful processor, better WiFi, and version 7.1 of the Roku operating system. While the Streaming Stick received a decent bump in specs, it stays and affordable at $49. 


The new Streaming Stick apparently has eight times the processing power as its predecessor, which along with the new version of the Roku OS, should speed up the process of navigating the Roku interface. Besides the move powerful processor, the Streaming Stick benefits from better WiFi reception (Dual-MIMO) and is now compatible with 5GHz 802.11n. The new Streaming Stick is actually slimmer than the outgoing model, and not as garish looking either.

The remote has also been tweaked, and here we can see that the headphone jack is no longer present, instead, the private listening function has moved to Roku’s smartphone app.

The Roku OS 7.1 firmware brings the ability to track, or rather ‘Follow’ movies or TV programs, with an alert appearing either when the show or movie becomes available to watch free of charge or if its price changes.

As mentioned, the new Streaming Stick is $49 and is expected to begin shipping from April 20th, in the U.S. at least, anyway. No details on when it will become available in Europe as yet.

Source: Roku

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    Ok but does it support 60 hz 4k?

    • Peter Holden

      There’s no mention of it whatsoever.