Some carrier Priv units begin to receive the March security patch update


Earlier this month, BlackBerry pushed their March update containing all the latest security patches to the Priv smartphone. According to sources, some carrier units have begun receiving the update.

While unlocked BlackBerry Priv units received the update a few weeks ago, some carrier variants are just beginning to receive it now. Some users on AT&T and T-Mobile have reported the arrival of the update on their Priv smartphone. Unfortunately, both carriers are yet to speak out about what has been fixed with the update, but one can assume that most of which is posted on BlackBerry’s site will be included. This will be liked below the article.

The update contains no major release, therefore it shouldn’t take up too much space. However, we still recommend charging your device and connected to a nearby Wi-Fi network before beginning the installation process. BlackBerry has taken updates with all seriousness since they began their transition to the Android ecosystem, let’s just hope it continues.

Source: BlackBerry
Via: CrackBerry