Google could be going away with Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics

Alphabet, which is the new parent organization of Google, is putting Boston Dynamics up for sale.

Boston Dynamics was purchased back in 2013 for extended research on robotics. Since then we’ve heard dozens of stories about new creations. However, the division doesn’t seem to be bringing the profits that were projected.

Some of Boston Dynamic’s creations include robots that act as animals or people and carry out functions. The cheetah robot is said to be the fastest running robot ever created. RiSE is a robot that is an expert at climbing. Other robots have been put into factories to carry out small chores cutting back on costs.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon and Toyota’s Research Institute are on the list among possible buyers. Both can develop a good use for Boston Dynamics. This story caught us by surprise because it appeared things we’re finally getting good, but unfortunately other measures needed to be weighed. We’ll keep you covered on this matter further down the road.

Source: Bloomberg