These carriers and retailers have started taking LG G5 pre-orders


Update (3/21/16): Today, AT&T began accepting pre-orders for the LG G5 while also doing the same for the LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE.


At AT&T, the G5 can be purchased outright for $688. But, on an AT&T Next payment plan, the price of the phone is $22.97 per month for thirty months. Monthly payments on an AT&T Next payment plan vary based on the number of months you agree to.

If have someone else on your account that wants the G5 as well, the carrier has a special promotion going on. Here is how you can buy one G5 and get another free at AT&T:

  • Both phones must be purchased on AT&T Next as follows:
    • The first phone can be a new line or upgrade.
    • The second phone must be a new line and purchased on AT&T Next 24.
  • Add both phones to a qualified plan, like Mobile Share Value, for as low as $70 a month for two phones.
  • After 3 bill cycles or less, you will start to receive up to $689 spread out over 30 monthly bill credits.
  • Just pay tax on both phones at sale.
  • After $689 in credits a LG G5 will be free.

The Watch Urbane LTE, which was paused in November following its announcement shortly before, is priced at $199 off-contract with options to put the smartwatch on a payment plan.

Both the phone and the smartwatch will ship March 29-30.

[LG G5 – AT&T] [LG Watch Urbane LTE – AT&T]

Original Story (3/18/16):

Although a number of carriers and retailers signed on to offer the LG G5, most of them still haven’t said when you’ll actually be able to buy the Korean company’s new flagship. The G5, despite being announced the same day as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, doesn’t have a specific release date almost one month after going public. But we’re finally getting an idea of when the G5 should be sold here in the United States.

LG told us last week that the phone would be released in “early April.” Then, just yesterday, U.S. Cellular stepped forward to say pre-orders will open on March 26 with a release date scheduled for April 1. And today two others are clarifying G5 availability.

Best Buy and T-Mobile are readying the G5 for that April 1 release date.


Right now, Best Buy is accepting pre-orders for the G5; however, you’ll need to be an AT&T or Sprint customers. Verizon’s variant of the G5, for whatever reason, won’t be available for pre-order through the electronics retailer until March 24. AT&T’s variant with 32GB of internal storage is priced at $22.97 per month on AT&T Next while Sprint’s price $199 on a two-year contract. But Best Buy is temporarily taking $100 off of the Sprint variant’s price, making the current price tag read $99.

The off-contract prices at Best Buy for the AT&T and Sprint variants are $999 and $799, respectively. Best Buy is also running a promotion where the electronics retailer will throw in a free bundle valued at $90. The bundle includes a free extra battery and charging cradle as well as a USB Type-C-to-micro-USB adapter.


T-Mobile will begin accepting orders online on March 29, two days before the national launch in stores on April 1. Getting the G5 through Team Mobile will cost $629 without a contract, but splitting the cost into twenty-four payments makes the phone available for $26.25 per month.

A similar bundle as the one offered by Best Buy will be active at T-Mobile. The carrier is throwing in a free extra battery and charging cradle with purchases made before April 17. The real good promotion, however, is worth $200. T-Mobile will give anyone who buys the G5 by April 5 a free LG 360 Cam while supplies last. So there’s a chance you could walk away with $280 worth of freebies with your new G5.

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