HTC 10 leaks, showing off design, hardware, and a new name

htc 10 leak

Good news for us, bad news for HTC. It looks like someone got ahold of whatever phone HTC is planning to release next a little early, and they’ve leaked pretty much everything we’ve wanted to know about the device, including hardware, design, and what’s probably going to be the marketing name.

@OnLeaks kicked things off with an actual photo of the device and some confirmed specs, including a 5.15 inch screen, Snapdragon 820 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and a USB type-C charger. He also pointed out the name of the device in its settings menu, which is simply the HTC 10. No One A or One M branding here, just a number. That’s consistent with other recent rumors we’ve heard.

Not to be outdone with the leak, Evan Blass replied to the first few images with a press render of what’s probably going to be the HTC 10 in silver. It seems accurate to what HTC has been hinting at, including the chamfered edges that were apparent in a recent promo. It also confirms the fingerprint scanner, similar to what’s seen on the HTC One A9. There’s no dual camera here, either, and no BoomSound speakers that we’ve grown fond of.

This might be the year HTC recaptures the magic it had with the original HTC One M7 and finally turns around its sinking ship. The device looks nice and has a great design that’s different enough from the HTC One M8 (and M9) to actually make an upgrade worthwhile. Let’s just hope they don’t botch the camera this time around.

source: Evan Blass, OnLeaks (Twitter)

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