Samsung backs Apple in fight over encryption


Samsung will be joining an ever growing number of companies to support Apple on their decision to fight the US government and its want for backdoors into mobile devices. Samsung specifically said customer privacy is “extremely important” and anything used to compromise that would sabotage trust.

Samsung agreed with many of Apple’s arguments on the issue, but has not decided yet if it will file a friend-of-the-court brief to support them.

Samsung’s statment:

“Protecting our customers’ privacy is extremely important, but we have not decided whether to file an amicus brief in the current case. Ensuring trust in our products and services is our top priority. Our phones are embedded with encryption that protects privacy and content, and they do not have backdoors. When required to do so, and within the law, we work with law enforcement agencies. However, any requirement to create a backdoor could undermine consumers’ trust.”

The more support Apple gets behind them the better their chances of winning. Courts will often take into consideration people or companies who are not involved in the case, but feel public interests or existing law should be handled differently to new technologies.

Source: Bloomberg

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