HTC Vive sold 15,000 units in 10 minutes

htc vive

The HTC Vive only opened up its pre-orders yesterday for $799/€899. A pretty costly device considering the Oculus Rift is only about $600 and the Samsung Gear VR is only $100. However, despite the price difference, the HTC Vive sold 15,000 units in only 10 minutes.

Selling 15,000 units in only 10 minutes is roughly 25 every second, which is pretty insane. The demand is clearly there, but anyone who has ordered one will still have to wait until April for them to start shipping.

HTC’s Shen Ye said:

The HTC Vive price seems quite high to me, but to be an early adopter you have to pay what they tell you, basically. Considering how many they sold in such a short amount of time, early adopters obviously disagree with me, and didn’t think the price was too high at all.

Source: Shen Ye (Twitter)