HTC says its flagship will be releasing soon


HTC passed up on MWC 2016 announcing no new hardware. But we did catch a glimpse of HTC’s new flagship smartphone in the form of a teaser. During the trade show, Drew Bamford, corporate VP of HTC’s Creative Labs, confirmed the existence of the HTC One M10 and told sources that it’ll release soon.

The HTC One M9 was the company’s flagship smartphone from last year. Many were disappointed with the device’s performance in the market, including HTC who saw sales decline rapidly. Just like LG, HTC is in desperate need of a game-changing high-end flagship that wows its customers. That’s why they’re bringing big changes on the upcoming One M10.

The HTC One M10 is expected to have a revised design that keeps its metal build, but changes its form factor a bit. Instead of rebuilding the One M9’s design, HTC is using a similar design language to that on the One A9, which was a big success when it launched late last year. HTC has promised a much-improved camera on both sides of the device, which are in need of a substantial upgrade. HTC wants its One M10 to be the most sought-after smartphone in the industry, but it’s going to have to do real good if it wants to beat the great first impressions that both the LG G5 and Galaxy S7 received.

In addition to the One M10 flagship that’s rumored to be unraveled in April, HTC is working on some other “cool stuff” to bring to the market. We do know that HTC has been serious when it comes to virtual reality, so we’re guessing it’s something to do with mobile VR technology. We’ll let you know when we get confirmation on HTC’s release date.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Andrew

    LG, HTC. Companies with acronyms and companies like Samsung and Apple with proper names. Could it be a coincidence the latter are doing so well in comparison?

    • Ruben Silin

      Do you really think that matters? And if so how does that translate to Sony, BlackBerry and Microsoft (Windows)?

      • Andrew

        Or maybe not. On my third cup of coffee. :-p

  • Ruben Silin

    Looking forward to the One M10. Really hoping they keep Boomsound.

  • QSPR

    I was a huge fan of HTC, my first was the HTC my touch and the touch 4g, then The sensation, M7 and M8. After the disastrous of the M9 and never listen to the fans, HTC loose me as a costumer. I wish then luck.