Google to throw legal weight behind Apple with Microsoft, Facebook, and others


Sundar Pichai recently publicly tweeted in support of Apple’s stance against the FBI in the ongoing encryption debate between the government and the iPhone maker. Now he’s taking it  step further, and Google as a company is filing a legal brief to support Apple in this standoff.

Pichai, and Google by association, aren’t the only major tech players that are siding with Apple here. Microsoft has publicly filed in support of Apple, and tons of other companies are throwing their weight in that direction, too. Twitter, Facebook, and even carriers like Verizon support the idea of extremely strong encryption without a backdoor. With all of these companies picking up public support, and now putting their legal teams to work trying to sway things in Apple’s favor, it’s pretty clear who’s going to have the most support in this case.

This debate is far from over, but with companies that are normally at each other’s throats with legal battles and marketing campaigns teaming up, it’s crystal clear how important the outcome will be.

source: Re/code