Coca-Cola may bring VR to the world with new packaging

coca-cola VR cardboard

I really hope Coca-Cola does this because it is so cool. They have designed Coca-Cola packages that appear normal at first glance, but can transform into Google Cardboard VR viewers.

Basically, you would go to the store and buy a 12-pack of Coke and get a free VR viewer too. It is just a concept now, but Coke has made a video showing multiple ways on how to turn Coke packaging into a VR viewer.

Making the VR viewer seems super simple too, just take the Cokes out and either fold the box or tear along the dotted lines. Coke would still need to include the lenses to make it a VR viewer, but they are inexpensive and easy to attach inside the box. However, after it’s assembled you can put your phone inside and view all the Google Cardboard content you want.

  • David Singleton

    wow, making coke bottle glasses cool……..