Facebook is gearing up to implement advertisements in its Messenger application


According to a recent report, Facebook is currently in the final stages of making the relevant changes to implement advertisements in its Messenger application for Android and iOS. Once introduced, the ads will reach around 800-million regular users. However, only one ad block will be displayed per day, which means that we thankfully won’t be bombarded with ads whenever we send or receive a message.

Facebook’s annual profit has been declining for a while now, and Zuckerberg hopes that this marketing strategy will allow the company to rake in vastly improved profits by as early as Q2 of 2016. Its been expressed that advertisements will need to follow strict guidelines, though, as Zuck doesn’t want users to be inundated with annoying garish video ads. Instead, they’ll have to be carefully crafted to blend smoothly in to the Messenger interface.

Via: HDBlog.it