Google’s Play for Education is getting axed in March


Google launched Play for Education as a way for teachers and schools to manage educational apps and books on Android tablets for students, but after just a couple years it seems like Google is giving the program the boot.

The service has been around since 2013, but since then, we’ve seen Chromebooks make a big dent in the education market, and generic Android tablets have also significantly improved. Most of the functionality Play for Education offers has been rolled up into normal Android offerings, and anything more powerful has been absorbed into the Chromebook market.

On March 14th, Google will no longer be selling any new licenses for Play for Education. Any existing licenses will still be supported, but once those devices and licenses have run their course, that’ll be it for the program.

Google is notorious for cutting down services in their prime, and considering Play for Education has only been around since 2013, that’s what this seems like, too. However, the education market is extremely important for Google, so it does make sense to try and slim down their portfolio and funnel everything into Chromebooks just because it will make keeping things updated much simpler for Google.

source: TechCrunch