NVIDIA releases developer preview builds of Vulkan graphics API


Earlier today, NVIDIA released preview builds of Khronos’ new graphics API, Vulkan, for the SHIELD Tablet, SHIELD Tablet K1 and SHIELD Android TV. This firmware is primarily aimed at developers who are looking to optimize their applications for use with the new programming interface.

Vulkan has many advantages over its predecessor, OpenGL. The main one being that it supplies developers with a unified cross-platform framework for 3D graphics which will seamlessly work on Android, SteamOS, Ubuntu and Windows.

In terms of consumer benefits, Vulkan will make it possible for lower-cost handsets to support Virtual Reality (VR) devices as it features better memory management software and real-time GPU synchronisation, which means that developers don’t have to waste time trying to get their applications to play ball with the hardware.

NVIDIA is planning to roll out compatibility for the Vulkan API alongside the upcoming Marshmallow builds for the SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD TV — so if you’re not a developer, but want to give Vulkan-optimized content a whirl, you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to do so.

Source: NVIDIA