We finally found out the reason why Samsung didn’t launch the Note 5 in Europe


After the success of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung launched two new phones that were equally as impressive. The Note 5 and S6 Edge+, however, the Note 5 didn’t quite make it to Europe and no one knew why?

However, we now have the exact reason from Rory O’Neill, Samsung’s European Vice President of Brand and Marketing:

“We studied that the user patterns for large-screen devices in Europe were much more entertainment-centric, viewing-centric, than while the Note proposition is really good, is more on the productivity side and personal organisation side.”

Basically, people in Europe don’t care as much about using their phones for work and would rather have the larger screen for media consumption. This is why the S6 Edge+ was launched there, but not the more productivity focused Note 5.

However, the big question is will Samsung do the same thing with the Note 6 and S7 Edge+? We have heard some rumours that while the Note 5 was left out of European markets, the Note 6 will definitely be coming there (at least in the UK). Although, this time around the S7 Edge+ might not. Pretty much a complete reverse of last year.

Source: Techradar

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  • ChuckN007

    I am not sure about that explanation.

    I bought the Note 5 rather than the S6 Edge+ because the latter cost slightly more, only added a curved screen edge that I did not want, and sacrificed other things that the Galaxy Note 5 provides.

    • Brent

      Truthfully, the S6 Edge+ doesn’t really make sense. Just get the Note if you want a larger display. I don’t see the point of them making an edge model and an edge+ model.

      • ChuckN007

        That was my conclusion. The “edge” features allow you to see certain notifications along that edge with the phone lying screen side down on a table or other surface. I don’t need that.

        I can’t remember the other differences of the S6 Edge+, but it seemed to be either equal to, or slightly inferior to, the Note 5 in other respects. The Note 5 has the S-pen, which I don’t really use much, but I wanted to see if I might use it.

        It almost seemed as though Samsung was phasing out the Note by having the Edge+ that is a Galaxy S model but with a Note sized screen. Or maybe merging the Note line with the Galaxy S line, and just having a plus size Galaxy S option to take the place of the Note.

        • Brent

          It’s literally for people who want a large edge phone. I think it has 1 extra gb of ram too, but basically the same. If I was getting a larger phone I’d get the note since it also has the pen like you did.

  • Goran Genter

    It’s silly argument. I have Note 4 and I’m from Europe. And I rarely use s-pen, but I want it there because sometimes I need it and it’s cool. Does it mean that if I don’t use it all the time I don’t want/need it? I don’t need the tire pump on the bike all the time, but it’s cool having it on my bike when my tire goes flat.

    And yeah, like someone said, noone needs the edge, it’s silly. It would be more useful they provided s-pen.

  • ZBlade

    This does not make sense to me. In the past, Samsung has produced many different type of smartphones so it can cater for everyone. Why would they all of a sudden decided to pull one model simply because people in Europe don’t use the S Pen that much. The Note and Edge series are completely different and the price difference is also there. I rarely use the S Pen on my note but I would still get a Note over the Edge+ even if it was given to me for free.

  • primalxconvoy

    I smell BS from the source. If the Note 5 was productivity centred, then why was it designed without the things that power users wanted?

    I suspect that the poor design/bad publicity surrounding the Note 5 is what really brought the decision. Samsung didn’t release the Note 4 in Japan, due to (rumours?) that it wasn’t doing too well there (and might even leave Japan).