Andy Rubin wants to return to help revolutionize artificial intelligence


Andy Rubin is probably best known for helping to co-start Android as we know it, despite leaving Android back in March 2013. He stayed on helping Google, but has since been considering jumping back into the mobile tech industry to try and shake things up once again, and he might potentially be doing that with artificial intelligence and dashcams. 

In a new report, Rubin hinted at developing a dashcam that would be given away for free in exchange for the data it collects. That sounds a little invasive, but the potential upside is massive: the network of interconnected dashcams could create a live network of traffic status and even a more detailed version of Google’s own Street View features. Toss in those dashcams with self-driving cars and we’ve got a living, breathing world that’s completely navigated by computers.

Of course, that kind of artificial intelligence has a few drawbacks, namely in privacy concerns and competition. I can’t imagine all of the population being on board with always-on, always-collecting dashcams in their vehicles, and there are more legal consequences here than you can shake a stick at. And when you look at the competition of Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, et al, all throwing tons of resources, money, and processing power at developing artificial intelligence, Rubin would be bumping shoulders with more than one behemoth. He’s got plenty of credibility and can easily secure some funding, but it’d be nearly impossible to replicate the kind of manpower multiple billion dollar companies have, even for him.

Regardless of Rubin’s immediate plans, sources say he’s very likely to release something revolutionary within the next few years. Whatever that may be, we’re excited for it.

source: Wired

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