Firefox OS for smartphones is officially dead

FireFox_OS_TA (1)

Back in December we told you a rumour that Firefox was killing off making smartphones that ran Firefox OS, but now Mozilla has confirmed it.

Firefox OS was looking like it might be an interesting OS to run, but unfortunately, Firefox has issued a statement saying that they will be killing off Firefox OS on smartphones for good. They plan on using all their resources to focus on IoT instead.

Through the work of hundreds of contributors we made an awesome push and created an impressive platform in Firefox OS. However, as we announced in December, the circumstances of multiple established operating systems and app ecosystems meant that we were playing catch-up, and the conditions were not there for Mozilla to win on commercial smartphones. We have decided that in order to succeed in the new area of Connected Devices we must focus our energy completely on prototyping the future and exploring how we can make the biggest impact in IoT.

Firefox OS was used mostly in developing countries, but didn’t catch on too well. Mozilla plans on ending all support after version 2.6.

Source: Mozilla