‘Final Fantasy II’ free for a limited time via the Final Fantasy Portal App


In celebration of the Final Fantasy Portal App turning a year old today, Square Enix has an awesome gift for all you Final Fantasy fans. ‘Final Fantasy II’ is being offered completely free via its Portal App!

‘Final Fantasy II’ sees you take control of Firion, Guy, Maria, and Leon as you set out on a quest to save the world from the dastardly Emperor and his devastating flying dreadnought. The game is definitely enjoyable, but this installment of the series definitely sees Square Enix take a more experimental approach. If you take a look at some reviews around the web you’ll learn that some of these experiments, unfortunately, did not work out. Still, the fact that it is free means that there is no better way to try the game out to see if you like it. Who knows, it could end up being your favorite out of the bunch.

If you are interested in picking up this game, you are going to have to download the Final Fantasy Portal App, for the game itself does not download directly to your device. The version they are giving out opens and plays exclusively inside of the Portal App. You might be worried about downloading some useless app on to you device, but do not fret! If you are a fan of the series the Portal app is pretty darn cool in its own right. It gives you daily ‘Final Fantasy’ trivia, a unique playable card came called ‘Triple Triad’, and the ability to earn points to download unique ‘Final Fantasy’ content, all in addition to a completely free copy of ‘Final Fantasy II.’

This promotion is running up until February 14th, so hit the download link below and grab your free copy while you still can!

Play Store Download Link

Source: Square Enix

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