Google vows to destroy deceptive download buttons


Google has announced plans to expand its Safe Browsing protection tool to prevent users from clicking annoying fake download buttons online.

Anybody that’s done their fair share of web browsing will know how frustrating it can be clicking on misleading download buttons, which is why Google is taking further steps to solve the problem.

Speaking via the Google blog, the group has said it will be clamping down on ads that are made to look like a ‘trusted entity’, such as popup messages that ask users to update software they don’t technically own or need.

Often, dangerous buttons are made to mimic the appearance of the site they appear on, thus tricking more people into clicking.


Lucas Ballard of the Safe Browsing Team posted:

“Our fight against unwanted software and social engineering is still just beginning. We’ll continue to improve Google’s Safe Browsing protection to help more people stay safe online.”

Ballard added that website owners should troubleshoot with Google’s Search Console if their pages are flagged for containing social engineering content.