NVIDIA pulls Marshmallow update for the SHIELD Tablet due to Wi-Fi issues



Yesterday, we reported that NVIDIA had just started rolling out the long-awaited Marshmallow update to its SHIELD Tablets located in Europe and North America. However, the manufacturer has now pulled the upgrade owing to the presence of a major bug which renders the device somewhat useless by severing all ties to the Internet when using a Wi-Fi connection.

Please be aware that this error is only present on the original SHIELD Tablet that launched back in July 2014 and not the SHIELD Tablet K1 — so if you’re lucky enough to own the latter, you can navigate into Settings, followed by About Devices and Check for Updates to manually pull the OTA from NVIDIA’s servers if you haven’t been prompted to do so already.

Unfortunately, the American consumer technology giant failed to provide any details with regards to when it will reinitiate the update for the original SHIELD, but I can only hope that it’s soon as I personally cannot wait to take advantage of the new Adoptable Storage feature.

Source: NVIDIA

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  • Jarl

    probably will be another month before they fix it, nvidia is quite slow

  • wumps13

    Look like I am lucky because I have done the upgrade and the WiFi is ok.