[APK Download] Google+ bumped to version 7.1 with bug fixes and better performance in tow


Google+ was recently updated to version 7.1, bringing with it a whole host of fixes as well as some improved features.

You’re not going to find a whole lot in this update, as the major overhaul was version 7.0; however, version 7.1 brings some much-needed fixes. In fact, according to Google’s Luke Wroblewski, there are a whopping 37 bug fixes and an additional 17 accessibility fixes. That said, users should see smoother performance after this latest update.

Wroblewski also mentioned that there was also a fix to the “Keep contacts up to date” setting.


While the update primarily was to do with bug fixes, Google did add a little feature to make viewing your home stream much easier. Now, users can simply tap the bottom bar to return to the top of their home streams (Wroblewski’s illustration above). You may have already seen a feature like this in Facebook when you hit the “News Feed” button or Twitter when you hit the “Home” button or Twitter logo.

All in all, users should begin seeing some increased performance in the Google+ for Android application. If you haven’t gotten the update yet, you can hit the download link below or grab the APK from here.

Play Store Download Link

source: Luke Wroblewski (Google+)

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