Mobile Fun says this is what the LG G5 looks like


At MWC 2016, LG will host an event in Barcelona to introduce a “major smartphone” that many expect to be named the company’s next flagship, the G5. Among the changes to its design will be the relocation of the volume rocker to the side while the power button, which will double as a fingerprint scanner, remains on the rear. So it seems that LG is creating a hybrid of the G4 and traditional phones.

Mobile Fun, an accessories designer based in the United Kingdom, says it knows what the G5 looks like and is already designing cases for it. The only problem is that the G5 isn’t real yet and Mobile Fun admitted that LG hasn’t said anything to them regarding any upcoming phone.


Here’s what we’re noticing:

  • Camera, LED flash at the top
  • Physical home button with integrated fingerprint scanner
  • Volume rocker on the side
  • Software copied from the the LG G4

When we asked Mobile Fun’s David Byrne about composing a case for a phone that doesn’t exist, this was the answer provided:

“Thanks for the reply. I understand. The launch of these products are based on different sources.”

Wait, so Mobile Fun didn’t get any information from LG? Correct. Byrne pointed to an article from GSMArena to explain the blueprint for Mobile Fun designing the case. If you’re baffled by this, I’m right there with you. It makes absolutely no sense to design a case for a nonexistent device and tell press members about it. Mobile Fun just looked at leaks and rumors to make an educated guess.

*eye roll*

Source: Mobile Fun

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