Google+ updated with support for Chrome Custom Tabs


Google is currently in the midst of distributing a rather small maintenance update for its official Google+ application for Android. The upgrade makes loading external links shared on the social networking site quicker than ever thanks to the inclusion of Chrome Custom Tabs.

Prior to the upgrade, when a link was clicked in the Google+ mobile app, you’d be asked to select which browser you would like it to open up in — Chrome, Opera, Dolphin, etc. — and only after you had chosen a platform, would the web page load.

However, with this update, the application now pre-loads the page, which appears within less than 2-seconds of you clicking the link. The Custom Tab has also been designed to match the Material Design theme of the Google+ application, thereby making it look like an integrated browser.

As with most maintenance upgrades, this one is being rolled out on the server-side, which means there’s no manual way to install it. You can nonetheless check to see if it’s on your device by navigating into Google+ and tapping on a link to see if it opens in a Chrome Custom Tab.

Source: Mobiflip