Google App Market to bring in-app pay system, carrier billing, improved user discovery, and more

The battle between mobile OS app stores has been an on-going saga since their inception.  While Android has managed to bring in the developers, providing a nice open-source platform to work with, the amount of quality apps and purchased apps, haven’t brought in as much profit as Google expected.

In a recent Q&A with Google’s Android Platform Manager Eric Chu at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco, there were quite a few changes announced to help clean up and improve the Android Market.  Hit the jump to see the run-down of what they will be working on in 2011:

  • In App Payment System – just like Apple did, Google will do the same.  This will allow developers to create add-on content to their apps, whether it be more levels to a game, or skins for your app.  While it will be nice to not see the thousandth skin theme for x app when you do a market search, it also means we’ll see a lot more half-created apps that come for free, but expect you to pay more to unlock features.
  • Carrier Billing – not much different how it has already been done with AT&T.  Let’s just hope there is a setting to prevent  your kids from buying every app in the Market and have it show up on your cell phone bill.
  • Improving User Discovery of Apps in Market – let’s face it, finding the right app is still a chore in the Market.  Chu stated that they do have a human team that goes through and removes apps that violate their Terms and Service.  They are also working to improve the search algorithm.
  • More Social Features – little was revealed regarding this except that there is a reason why apps can access the Address book.  It sounds like they want more ways for apps to communicate socially to create a stronger connection between apps and family or friends.
  • HTML5 Apps – it’s slowly making progress, and Google is banking on apps to be written with HTML5 in mind.  This will make for a better experience overall, as the apps will obviously share code with both desktop and mobile browsers for closer integration.

There are definitely some good additions, and some that we’ll have to “wait and see” how they turn out – at least for the consumer.  As usual though, Google will continue to change and evolve the Android platform, usually for the best.  What do you think of the changes, and if there were any improvements to the Market that you would make, what would they be?

[via Forbes blog]

  • vainkdgurl

    As far as carrier billing- you can contact your carrier and get a purchase block put on any line (at least AT&T does, I dont see why ther others wouldnt). We have this in our house and it will come up as bill to phone but the purchase will not go through.