Google+ 7.0 update is official, rolling out to Android devices soon

google plus 7

Google is officially updating its Google+ application to version 7.0, bringing a ton of highly requested bug fixes and addresses some other issues in the interface. There are also some tweaks to scrolling and the communities and collections section of Google’s social media endeavor.

Usually, the “bug fixes and enhancements” is a pretty vague way to kick off a changelog, but Google has issued a hefty 69 bug fixes in this update, along with 14 accessibility issues that was present in previous versions. There are also some changes to how the interface reacts, including the bottom bar hiding itself while you’re scrolling, autocompleting search results, and a prompt to add some communities and collections to your feed if you don’t currently have any. While there aren’t any major new additions here, there are enough problems that have been addressed that make this a worthwhile update.

The app update is rolling out to Android devices over the next few days, so don’t panic if you can’t update just yet. Google’s rollouts always take awhile to hit every single device.

source: Luke Wroblewski (Google+)