LG G5 will feature an all-metal build and slide out battery

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When Samsung showed the world its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge there were many people upset that they took out the removable battery. However, those upset were happy to learn at least LG left a removable battery in their G4.

We now are hearing some rumours about the G5, and whether or not it will still maintain a removable battery. The removable battery fans out there will be happy to hear it’s looking like LG will keep the easy to access battery in the G5. However, there is a catch. Unlike the traditional removable battery where you basically pop the back off your device, the LG G5 rumours are saying that the phone will feature a sliding design to allow you to access the battery. Basically, the entire phone will slide down giving you access to the inside. Think similar to how the BlackBerry Priv’s keyboard works.

g5_g5 slide battery

The picture above is a rendered image showing what eye witnesses have reported seeing. You may notice that it looks like it maintains a flash, camera, and laser auto focus at the top, however, removed some of the back buttons. The circle in the middle is said to be the home button, which will feature a fingerprint scanner, but the volume buttons have been moved to the side.

In terms of internals, it might feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, possibly have dual rear cameras, and move to an all-metal build. The LG G5 is supposed to be launched in February at MWC, but may launch earlier because Samsung is rumoured to launch their Galaxy S7 sooner than expected.

Source: CNET Korea 

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