Samsung is staying on the Edge with three variants of the Galaxy S7


Samsung is known for flooding almost every market around the world with its hardware. The company likes to ensure that consumers, no matter where they are, have a Samsung device to choose as their own. Even the flagship gets its own variants. The two most common variants of the flagship Galaxy S series are Active and Edge. Alongside the launch of the Galaxy S7, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge. And the the Galaxy S6 Active followed only a few months later. Samsung even sent in the Galaxy S6 Edge+ near the end of 2015 to have another option on the market. Change shouldn’t be expected with the Galaxy S7 because the company enjoys the benefits of these unique creations: mountains of cash building every quarter.

Prepare yourself for not just one or two Galaxy S7 models. Samsung is allegedly readying three variants of the upcoming flagship.


Evan Blass, the man who seems to leak every device under the sun, revealed on Twitter that Samsung is going to release three Galaxy S7 variants in 2016. Aside from the regular Galaxy S7, Samsung would bring the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge+ to the world.

It originally was not believed that a third variant would brought in. Many including Blass himself believed that Samsung was going to focus on two Galaxy S7 variants. The Edge and Edge+ variants would be merged and stand as the bigger sibling to the Galaxy S7.

The last piece of information regarding the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge claimed that Samsung would be going back to its roots to please its core fanbase. Both handsets would include the beloved microSD card slot, water resistance, and bigger batteries. Rather than trying to slim its flagship even more, Samsung apparently wants to execute on areas that consumers expect from the company. Cameras, another area Samsung has annually bested, will be different this time around since megapixels will be going down to implement a special module similar to the one found on Google’s latest Nexus phones.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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