Google is working to make tab casting in Chrome even simpler


For those of you who enjoy casting to your TV via a Chrome tab, it soon may get a little bit simpler. François Beaufort took to Google+ today to announce that the Chromium team is working on a way to cast Chrome tabs without having to install the Google Cast extension beforehand.

Instead of opening the Chrome Web Store, installing the extension, and having the cast tab permanently reside to the right of your address bar, all you will have to do is right click and cast away. This is great for those of you who love a minimalist approach, and it all around just makes Chrome a little neater and easier to use.

Right now the feature is still in the beta stages, meaning it is only available to those of you running Chrome Beta or Chrome Canary. If you are running either of those Chrome versions, and you would like to see how it works, simply type “chrome://flags/#media-router” into the address bar and then enable the “Media Router” flag. After those two simple steps you should be able to right-click and cast to your hearts content. As with all experimental software you should expect a few bugs, so if you do decide to test it out, let us know how smoothly works in the comments below.


For the rest of us just running the normal Chrome release, we are going to have to play the waiting game. The Chromium team has not given us an official timeline for the stable release, and as with all experimental features released to the Canary and Beta versions, there is no guarantee it will even be brought out of the lab. With a feature as simple as this one though, I think it is safe to assume we will be seeing it soon.

Source: François Beaufort (Google+)

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