BlackBerry is exclusively using Android for their 2016 lineup of devices


BlackBerry will be doubling down on Google’s Android software for all of their devices in 2016 according to CEO John Chen, so don’t expect to see a return to BlackBerry 10 anytime soon. I can’t imagine that’s going to upset too many people, but I’m sure there are some BlackBerry diehards that might’ve been hoping for a more traditional BB experience after the Priv.

The company plans on releasing two new products this year, one of which will be a smartphone. That’s pretty vague for the first device, but it’ll probably end up being a watch or tablet, since that’s what just about every other OEM is planning on releasing this year.

The good news, if you’re still holding out hope for another BlackBerry OS device, is that Chen didn’t explicitly say they were abandoning their own proprietary software. At this point it’s just a matter of BlackBerry trying to gain some ground on the market and return to profitability before spreading out their efforts into other software. There’s always a chance down the line.

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source: Cnet