Speck’s Pocket VR case lets you take VR anywhere

Speck VR phone case 3

Virtual Reality is cool, plain and simple. The fact that you can use your phone to view things in VR is even cooler. The problem is you need a VR viewer to do so, and they are usually big and bulky. Even the lightweight Google Cardboard is awkward to carry around with you. However, what if your phone case was the VR viewer?

That type of thinking is exactly what Speck has unveiled at CES 2016. No more worrying about bringing a VR viewer around with you, or wishing you had one on you to show your friends that awesome new VR app you found. Now you’ll always have a VR viewer with you since it’s your phone case.

The case is called the Pocket VR and it is based on Speck’s signature Candyshell Grip case. Additionally, it is a Google Cardboard-Certified VR viewer meaning any apps available to the Google Cardboard will work great with it.

The Pocket VR is very easy to use. It can fold up for easy storage, and when folded the sides are actually used to protect the lenses from getting dirty. Also, Speck has partnered with Jaunt, who are at the top of their game when it comes to cinematic VR.

Miles Perkins, VP of Marking Communication at Jaunt said,

“Combining Speck’s innovative designs and Jaunt’s world-class content, we’ve created the best possible virtual reality experience for every day tech users,”

The Speck Pocket VR will be available in the Spring, and will be available for the iPhone 6S/6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6. The Candyshell Grip case comes with it, but isn’t available to all Android devices, which is why it won’t be coming to all Android phones, unfortunately. If you are interested in picking one up, the launch price will be around $70.

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