Amazon Echo gets new commands for the new year


Amazon has rolled out an update for their Amazon Echo appliance, and the related Alexa app, that includes some new commands to help users stick to their goals and plans for 2016. The commands will help users get in the groove with getting healthier or improving their financial position.

One of the new commands is for a workout. Users can say something like “Alexa – start 7-minute workout” in order to launch an exercise routine for the requested length of time. Another new command brings the power of Fidelity to the table via the “ask Fidelity” option. Users can just mention a company name or provide the stock symbol and the Echo device will respond with financial information.

If a user is hoping to get a little more involved with current events related to the upcoming U.S. presidential election, they can now ask Alexa when the next debate will take place whether on the Republican or Democrat side.

Just for good measure, Amazon also added in a special surprise for users who ask, “Alexa, what is your New Year’s resolution?”

source: AndroidCentral