Galaxy Note 5 camera lands third spot on DxOMark list


Remember when you had to carry a real camera to make great photos? Yeah, we here at TalkAndroid barely remember those days.

Indeed, why shouldn’t we forget the days of carrying a separate instrument for making photos? Devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 (review here) are rendering even high end point-and-shoot cameras nearly irrelevant. The Note 5 was just given a score of 86 by image quality rating website DxOMark, which lands it at number three on the site’s list of  top mobile phone cameras. The #1 and #2 spots are occupied by Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony’s Xperia Z5, respectively.

The last mobile device to land at #3 on DxOMark‘s list was the Nexus 6P, which, as we reported, made the list in September.

DxOMark gives the Note 5 high marks for color quality in almost all lighting conditions. Additionally, the device’s autofocus function is praised, though with the caveat that they found some problems in macro mode. We’ve included some of our own camera samples from the Galaxy Note 5 below.

The Note 5’s flash performance is called “respectable.” However, when a flash is mixed with a tungsten light source, the result is that the whites turn yellow. Also, when using flash there is a noticeable amount of noise, especially in the corners of the frame.

The Note 5 also performs well while shooting video under most lighting conditions, DxOMark says. But the site notes that there’s a noticeable loss of detail when shooting in low light.

Despite its minor shortcomings, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with a solid camera for pretty much all your everyday photo-making needs.

Source: DxOMark

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